Contractpedia’s New Software Makes Contract Management Easier Than Ever

Contract management appears to be simple until you engage in multiple deals with several suppliers. This is a standard procedure for all businesses, and there is nothing to be concerned about. However, if the contract management technique becomes too time-consuming and difficult, you should seek assistance. Otherwise things will get more complicated. You should be aware that once you have several contracts to monitor, this procedure will take more time and effort. One way to address this is to have a dedicated team of people who are responsible for different aspects of the paperwork. Another solution is to employ contract management tools (værktøj til kontraktstyring) to take care of the process.


Hiring several employees and dedicating their work to contract management looks like a primitive method of handling things at work. In addition to that, it can be quite expensive. If you are ready to integrate new technology into your business, you will be amazed to know that comprehensive contract management software is available in the market for effective contract management. This software is capable to do the work that would employ 8 to 10 workers at once. There is no need for additional training or compatibility testing. The software comes with pre-built contract management technology that only needs customization according to your business. This way you can have a central place for all your contracts. And we are not talking about storing your PDFs on a cloud server but having a financial overview of your contracts, subscriptions and agreements.

We’d like to tell you more about Contractpedia.The company is based in Denmark and they provide an excellent contract management software (software til kontraktstyring) tool that is ideal of small and medium-sized businesses regardless of their industry. Contractpedia is simple, affordable and at the same time powerful. Since it’s web-based there is no need to install any software and updates come quickly and easily.With Contractpedia all your contract-related information will be in one place. From the Dashboard, you can navigate to the different features, such as:Companies, Assets, People, To-Dos, Alerts and so on. You can sort, filter, and arrange this information according to your needs. 

Contractpedia’s contract management (kontraktstyring) software also comes with automation features. For example once you enter the start date and termination notice period of a contract, you will automatically receive notifications before the contracts gets automatically renewed. You can also set-up scheduled exports and this way the valuable Dashboard Excel export can be sent to numerous email recipients within your organization.

Contractpedia can help you prevent unnecessary money loss on your contracts and get a transparent overview of your contract situation.

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